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 如果这是关于温科小酒馆 这事跟我一点关系也没有 If this is about Winky"s Cantina, I didn"t have anything to do with it. 这跟温科小酒馆无关 It"s not about Winky"s Cantina. 我跟大家一样喜欢吃蜂蜜小面包 但不会为此挖出他人的眼睛 I like honey buns as much as the next guy. I"m not gonna gouge your eye out for one. 你会把这些话记录下来? -我什么也不会记录 You gonna write that down? -I"m not gonna write anything down. (佛罗里达州)


 要吃口香糖吗? You want some gum? (2003 年)

 你有哪种口味? What kind you got? 泡泡西瓜波口味 要吗? "Bubblicious Watermelon Wave." What do you say? 没有比这个更好的 There is no other kind. 若你以为我会为了泡泡糖出♥卖♥♥♥其他人 If you think I"m gonna rat somebody out for Bubblicious, 那你肯定搞错了 you got another thing coming to you. 无论是不是西瓜口味 Watermelon or not. “寇特詹特利 1980 年出生 "Courtland Gentry. Born 1980." 1995 年被监禁 "Incarcerated 1995." 2031 年有资格获得假释” "Eligible for parole in 2031." 你还有很长的路要走 小子 You got a long way to go, son. 在靠近厕所的地方睡觉有个好处 There"s an upside to sleeping so close to your toilet. 我知道你这人巧舌如簧 I get it. You"re glib. 我就直话直说 Well, I"m just gonna cut to the chase. 我的名字叫唐纳菲茨罗伊 我是来给你减刑的 My name is Donald Fitzroy, and I"m here to commute your sentence.

 你要给我减刑? You"re gonna commute my sentence? 是的 -就这样? Yes. -Just like that? 当我起身走出这所监狱时 你将跟着我一起走 When I get out of this chair and walk out of this prison, you"ll walk with me. 你是谁 我的神仙教母吗? Who are you, my fairy godmother? 我没有冒犯的意思 但你跟我想象中很不一样 No offense, I thought you"d look different. 也许是吧 我们拭目以待 I may be. We"ll see. 交换条件是什么? What"s the catch? 你替我们效劳 You work for us. “我们”指的是谁? Who"s "us"? 中情局 The CIA. 我们将训练你杀掉坏人 We"re gonna train you to kill bad guys. 你既然已经杀死了一个 这对你来说不算难事 And since you"ve already killed one, it shouldn"t be too difficult. 你凭什么认为我会想再做一次? What makes you think I wanna do it again? 你看上去会的 You seem like the type. 你将成为精英部队塞拉计划的一员 You"d be part of an elite unit, the Sierra program. 你会处于灰色地带 You would exist in the gray. 随时可被取代? Disposable? 我看过你的档案 知道你为何会开那一枪 I"ve studied your case. I know why you pulled that trigger. 换做是我肯定也会 I would"ve done the same thing myself. 我来是为了让你增值而非损失价值 Now, I"m here to help you become a value-add instead of a value lost. 你不如化悲愤为力量

 So why don"t you take all the pain or whatever the hell got you here, 逆转局势让自己获利? turn it around, and make it useful? 我得替你效劳多久? How long do I gotta work for you? 我们就当作你会无限期地发挥作用 Let"s just say you"d be indefinitely useful. (十♥八♥年♥后)


 要喝点什么吗? Do you need anything? 不用了 No, I"m good. 你的西装很好看 Nice suit. 我只是按照他们的要求着装 I just wear what they tell me to. 很低调 Subtle. 你自己也很引人注目 You"re no fly on the wall yourself. 我没有许可证 I don"t have a permit. 这不是那种类型的派对 It"s not that kind of party. 六号♥ 收到吗? Six, you copy? 六号♥? Six. 我是六号♥ 收到 Six, copy. 长官 他在线上 Sir, I have him. 总部)


 六号♥ 我是组长丹尼卡迈克尔 Six, this is Denny Carmichael, your center chief. 我们的目标代号♥“餐车”正在出♥售♥ Our target, code name "Dining Car," is selling information 可能严重危害国♥家♥安♥全♥的情报 that could severely compromise national security.

 务必在交易完成前除掉他 明白吗? We need him eliminated before that transaction is complete. Understood? 明白 Understood. 给我解释一下 我为何得跟塞拉特工交谈 Please explain to me why I"m talking to a Sierra agent 而非我们信任圈内的人 instead of somebody in our circle of trust. 我们没时间等自己人抵达 There was no time to get one of ours over there. 六号♥已经在该区 Six was in the region, 他也恰好是业内最佳人选 and he happens to be historically good at the job. 目标迫近 Subject on approach. 我看到餐车了 I have eyes on Dining Car. 目标迫在眉睫 Target imminent. 请悉知 他不是独自一人 Be advised, he"s not alone. 餐车带了保安人员 Dining Car has security. 保持计划 Stay the plan. 他往你的方向去了 He"s coming up on you now, Six. 就快靠近你 He"s almost to you. 我的朋友 My friend. 你来了 You made it. 这些人是谁? Who are all these people? 未来的朋友与未来的前妻 Future friends, future ex-wives. 叫他们离开 Get rid of them. 放轻松 这样反而更安全

 Relax. Safer this way… 别教我怎么放轻松 我只想要我的钱 Don"t tell me to relax. I want my money. 快过账 速战速决 So just transfer it and get it done. 你知道我来这里得冒多大险吗? Do you understand the risk I"ve taken by coming here? 你不了解你将面对什么样的人 You have no idea of the kind of people you"re gonna have to deal with, 他们肯定会为此而来 and they are gonna come for this. 已锁定目标 Target acquired. 执行任务 Execute. 什么也阻挡不了他们 无论是谁躲到何处他们都能找出 Nothing stops them. They can get to anyone, anywhere. Yep. 六号♥ 为何没有动静? Six, why am I not hearing anything? 附近有障碍物 I"m picking up collateral. 射击点周围有个小孩 There"s a kid near the mark. 批准射击 You"re cleared for collateral. 开火 Go loud. 你带来了吗? Did you bring it? 我们来谈价钱吧 Let"s talk price. 我们只有短暂时间 来消除一个很坏的家伙 We have a very small window to take out a very bad dude. 开火 六号♥ Go loud, Six. 十 九 八 Ten, nine, eight, 七 六 五 seven, six, five, 四 三 二 一

 four, three, two, one. 我正在待命 -无需待命 Stand by. -Do not stand by. 枪卡住了 Gun jammed. 该死的 Aww, shit. 我们快离开这里 Let"s move out. 六号♥ 是你吗? Six, was that you? 你要去哪? Where are you going? 交易取消了 Deal"s off. 六号♥?Six. 我知道你是谁 You know I know who you are. 你是塞拉六 You"re Sierra Six. 他们没告诉你我是谁 对吧? They didn"t tell you who I am, did they? 他们从来不说 They never do. 我是塞拉四 I"m Sierra Four. 他们派你来杀自己人 They sent you out to kill one of your own. 即使如此你也不会罢手 对吧? But that"s probably not gonna make you walk away, is it? 应该不会 Probably not. 如果你是塞拉一员 谁聘用你的? If you"re Sierra, who recruited you? 菲茨罗伊 Fitzroy. 我跟你一样 Same as you. 你在哪受训? -隐秘基地 Where"d you train? Dark site. 特拉维夫

 Tel Aviv. 跟你一样 Same as you. 我有所有的答案 因为我说的都是实话 I got all the answers "cause I"m telling the truth. 他们说的并不是 They"re not. 丹尼卡迈克尔是个混♥蛋♥ Denny Carmichael is a piece of shit. 这就是我坐在自己血泊中的原因 That"s why I"m sitting here in my own blood. 也许下一个就轮到你 You"re probably next. 嘿 Hey. 拿着这个 Take this 去把那混&arts;蛋♥打倒 and bring the bastard down. 我不要 I don"t want it. 你相信卡迈克尔? You trust Carmichael? 拿去吧 Just… take it. 求你了 Please. 不如这样吧? Okay, you know what? 我拿走了 好吗? There you go. I took it, okay? 给他们点颜色瞧瞧 六号♥ You give "em hell, Six. 非常谨慎 Very discreet. 我以为这会更干净利落 I thought this"d be cleaner. 并非如此 It wasn"t. 我们是罗密欧 We"re Romeo.

 他说他是塞拉的一员 He said he was Sierra. 任务档案中没有提及 That wasn"t in the mission folder. 他知道我是谁 He knew who I was. 也许他接触到被盗的情报 Maybe he had access to stolen intel. 我是塞拉一员 根本没有什么情报 I"m Sierra. There is no intel. 交由我们来处理 特工 It"s ours now, agent. 特工 Agent. 我听到你说的 I heard you. 我只是选择不搭理你 I just chose to ignore you. 一只腕表 -腕表 One wristwatch. -Wristwatch. 右边口袋有智能手♥机♥ -右边口袋有智能手♥机♥ R1, smartphone. -R1, smartphone. 钱夹、打火机、笔 -左边口袋有钱夹、笔、打火机 Money clip, lighter, pen. -L1, money clip, pen, lighter. 敏感场址探查完毕 SSE complete. 我是道森 我找卡迈克尔 It"s Dawson. I need Carmichael. 没有找到 我重复 没有找到 No joy. I repeat, no joy. 这就是我想灭绝塞拉计划的原因 This is why I wanted the Sierra program made extinct. 我不希望那个政体留下任何后患 I want nothing left from that old regime. 这些事情需要时间 我们还需解开政♥治♥体制 These things take time, Denny. There are politics to unravel. 出去 -什么? Get out. -What? 给我出去 Get out. 六号♥ -你要解释那是怎么回事吗?

 Six. -Wanna explain whatever that was? 枪卡住了 Gun jammed. 这不能作为解释 That doesn"t qualify as an explanation. 我们改用加密线路再谈吧 Maybe on a secure line. 我需要你的状态报告 I need a status report. 通过这个线路 Insecure line. 目标跟你说过些什么吗? Did the target say anything to you? 他当时已经死了 Well, he was dead, 什么也说不了 so, you know, no. 他口袋里有东西吗? 你有从他身上取走什么吗? What about pocket litter? Did you get anything off his body? 六号♥ 他身上是否有什么被你取走 Six, did he have anything on his person 而你现在想交给我? that you now have that you"d like to give to me? 他是谁? Who was he? 一个坏人 A bad guy. 干了哪些事? -非常不好的事 Carrying? -Bad shit. 这是你最后的机会 六号♥ Last chance, Six. 明白 Understood. 嘿 Hey. 你穿 42 码外套吗? You a 42 regular? 嘿 射击 快射击 Hey, take the shot. Take the shot! (请输入验证码 您还有三次尝试机会)


 Yeah. 五分钟后出发 Wheels up in five. Carmichael"s been calling. 卡迈克尔一直打给我 我们交谈过了 We spoke. 你自己去吧 You should go without me. 你确定要这么做? You sure you wanna do that? 目标到底发生什么事了 六号♥? What happened with the target, Six? 告诉我我不知道的事 Tell me what I don"t know. 这正是问题所在 对吧? Well, that"s the problem, isn"t it? 嘿 朋友 Hey, pal. 要做个交易吗? Wanna trade? (巴库)


 崔高壁炉和烧烤店 Max"s Fireplace and Barbecue. 你叫崔高吗? You Max? 这里没有叫崔高的 There is no Max. 莫非是指“最高加密”? -是的 So it"s like "to the max"? -Yeah. 那你一开始为何不说? Why didn"t you just say that in the first place? 如果有什么差错 就没有人好顶罪 Because if something went wrong, I couldn"t blame Max. 你还好吗 菲茨? -听到你的消息真好 小子 How you doing, Fitz? -It"s good to hear from you, kid. 退休生活如何? How"s life in retirement? 我正前往一场葬礼 跟老朋友道别 I"m headed to a funeral. Putting a friend in the ground. 我都那把年纪了 你懂吧?

 I"m getting to that age, you know? 你还在做事? -之前是的 You working? -I was. 被曝光了? -是的 正是如此 Got loud? -It got loud. 局面也变得很怪异 Got real weird too. 还记得辞退你的那个家伙? You know that guy that handed you your walk...

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